Fun Machine – App

Our team consists of Parijat Bhattacharya, Jorge Caballero and Arpan Mitra. Our app is called “Fun Machine” and it’s aimed towards children between the ages of 5-8.

About Fun Machine:

“Fun Machine” is an app for children between 5-8. Most of them are often bored since they have nothing entertaining to do. Simultaneously, there is also a need for children to explore their creative side rather than being just a passive viewer of entertainment.

Keeping these factors in mind, our goal was to create an app that could entertain bored children by stimulating them to create interesting things. We tried to do this by having them make use of all the random things that people often have around the house.

For the FTUE, we have focused on the ease of use as we want our app to be used by children who are not seasoned technology users. Any child should be able to do it without any hassle at all.

Since we have created this app for children, we’ve made an effort to make sure that it’s safe for children to use. The app does not make use of any dangerous objects. Children also do not need to read anything to use this app, even though at this age they should be able to read. All the instructions and tutorials are visual.

And since this is an app that is meant for use by children, there is a chance for them to do things accidentally as well. To reduce the chances of any accidental usage by the children, we hade made sure to include Parental Supervision features where the parents can look after the numerous settings and options that the app has. Also, since the children themselves don’t need to access these settings, and also since there is a chance that the children may accidentally stumble upon these settings unknowingly, we’ve added a small layer of security which only parents can get past.

“Fun Machine” is an easy to use and fun app and our USP is that it allows bored children to Taking pictures and translate them into recipes or crafts. We havent found anything else similar for children in our market research. SO that’s why we think it will be a good choice in the market.

Additionally, as we are using materials from home, we have thought in a free App, bearing the costs of production through publicity. That is to say, brands that are able to pay a fee to enhance the use of their products. For instance sugra brand, cradboard brands, etc..


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